The Wrappers
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My Song 8
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Lyric Credits: Precipice
Music Credits: Precipice
Producer Credits: Freddy Pantleg
Publisher Credits: Sonje's Discount Publishing
Performance Credits: Precipice
Label Credits: Where's My Fish Records
Short Song Description:
Live recording
Long Song Description:
We jammed a lot of songs this night, but this one came out especially awesome. The drums all broke and the bass snapped in half and hit Snorre in the head!
Song Length 4:10
Primary Genre Rock-General
Secondary Genre Classical-Romantic
Tempo / Feel Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal Instrumental
Subject Matter 1 Puppies
Subject Matter 2 Cheating
Mood 1 Miserable
Mood 2 Troubled
Similar Artist 1 Patrick O'hearn
Similar Artist 2 Afrika Bambaataa
Language No Language
Era 1600 - 1699
I say Braunschmidtguenhal to you
I say Braunschmidtguenhal to you, too
I say let me have the best of all worlds
I say Braunschmidtguenhal to all of you